Our History

Trilab’s founders are Dr. Kaleem Malik, Dr. Sameer Naseeruddin, and Patrick Sorrentino. Dr. Malik has extensive experience in trauma and emergency medicine and has held numerous roles as chairman and medical director of local, prestigious healthcare organizations. Dr. Naseeruddin is a practicing internal medicine physician with multi-specialty clinical practice experience. Mr. Sorrentino has held a variety of executive leadership positions for Chicago-based community hospitals and large academic medical centers for over 30 years.

Dr. Malik and Dr. Naseeruddin’s passion for their patients’ well-being spurred a need to create meaningful and effective solutions for the ongoing opioid epidemic. Their desires to create fundamental change ultimately lead them to Patrick Sorrentino, a partner who shared their vision. With over 70 years of combined experience in clinical practice and healthcare leadership, the three came together to form Trilab.

They founded Trilab to provide valuable, high-quality data through a urine-toxicology-testing-platform, to offer direct insight into the results, and to assist in achieving positive patient outcomes. They work to assist all types of patients with all types of insurance, whether it’s private, Medicaid or self-pay, and are dedicated to helping healthcare providers effectively treat their patients, regardless of their ability to pay. They put patients and physicians first and, as a result, have created a comprehensive support system for treatment and education that extends beyond testing.

Today, they work together with their physician partners, ensuring the best quality of care for their patients and developing customized treatment plans for them.