Kashif Ahmed MD, MBA

Kashif graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in integrative biology and minors in economics and English. He went on to create multiple startups, including Aerolinx W.T INC., and S.M.X INC. and completed his MD from AUA, training at multiple sites such as Harbor Hospital, Johns Hopkins, University of Illinois Chicago and Interventional Cardiology Research at Jessie Brown VAMC. While completing his medical education, he completed his MBA with a focus in healthcare administration and marketing and went on to take the role of Administrator at Trilab Health. Kashif now serves as Chief Operating Officer for Trilab Health.

His passion for humanitarian work allowed him to work with organizations like Humanity First as Director for the HF Community Center in Southside Chicago, the U.N Disaster Response Training Course as part of its faculty, and to participate in multiple medical and disaster missions across the globe. He also works with Medical Makers as Director for the Chicago Region, which works with individuals to design and produce prosthetics and medical assistive devices using emerging technology such as 3-D stereolithography, fused deposition modeling, AI, and more. He brings his passion, compassion, and experience to Trilab Health and offers clients a comprehensive and technically advanced means of providing optimization to its partner organizations.

Jason Watson

Jason Watson is the Senior Executive Vice President of Marketing and Client Services for Trilab Health. He has over 14 years of experience in the front lines with toxicology. His versed business background highlights his work and leadership experience as a manager and financial consultant. Jason has held responsibilities of clientele governance, coordination of employee activities, and financial allocation. Moreover, he maintains leadership presence and emotional control in difficult situations and provides passion when assisting employees.

Jason is also a highly active and involved hockey coach in the AA and AAA arena. With high motivation and intensity, Jason has led teams to the national top 5 ranking multiple years. His enthusiasm and devotedness allow him to enhance the future of clientele, ensure affordable testing to providers and patients, and promote new strategic marketing strategies for prospective client growth and company expansion for Trilab Health.

Tatiana Zakharyan PhD

Dr. Tatiana Zakharyan is the technical supervisor for both the Elmhurst and Schaumburg locations. With a passion for chemical sciences leading research development, Dr. Tatiana developed cutting edge analytical methods for API.

While attaining her doctorate in Medicinal Chemistry from Rice University, Dr. Tatiana worked as a Graduate Research Assistant. With several awards varying from consecutive years on the Dean’s List to scholarships and thesis awards, three different universities have recognized Dr. Tatiana’s talents. Dr. Tatiana is proficient in cGMP, UPLC-TQ, GC-MS, and HPLC. In addition to her proficiencies, Tatiana is COLA/CLIA certified and has clearance to compose her own SOPs and cGMP.

Julia Sorrentino

Julia Sorrentino is the Vice President of Administration for Trilab Health. Julia received her Bachelor of Science in health sciences with a concentration in public health from DePaul University. Julia is  a Dean’s List honoree, graduated Summa Cum Laude and received the Academic Excellence Scholarship. She plans to attend graduate school to achieve a master’s degree in health systems management and to further develop her level of education. 

Julia has been a member of our team at Trilab Health since the beginning of the company. She has had experience working as a laboratory assistant, administrative assistant and administrative manager. She has a strong passion for healthcare management and is devoted to dedicating her skill set to Trilab Health. Julia’s academic excellence and professional background have enabled her to effectively manage administrative tasks, provide exceptional customer service and improve the quality of our services.