Why COVID-19 tests are in short supply and results are delayed

Well, COVID testing across the US has been plagued by long lines and wait times topping three hours in some cities. And that has led to a lot of frustration ahead of the Christmas holiday. The seven day average, by the way, of testing across New York City alone has…

Why COVID-19 testing is the key to getting back to normal

The NIH indicates the importance of COVID-19 testing if we want our community to get back to normal. Early COVID testing can help save many lives by detecting the virus and allowing patients to isolate themselves early on to avoid spreading the virus. COVIDtesting is also very quick. You can receive results from a rapid…

Health With Covid

Get in touch with TriLab Covid Testing today to set up drive through Covid testing in Oakbrook, IL. If you're worried about a recent exposure to Covid or are feeling under the weather and have Covid-matching symptoms, we can set up a time for you to visit our drive-through test…

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