Kaleem Malik MD, MS, FAAEM


Dr. Kaleem Malik is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Trilab. He specializes as a residency-trained Emergency Medicine/Trauma Physician with over 20 years of professional experience in various hospital and healthcare leadership roles, including Director of Trauma, Chief Medical Officer, Department Chairman and CEO. His work as a teacher, mentor and clinical instructor is directed at creating innovations in Emergency Medicine and Healthcare Management.
Dr. Malik is the Director for Medical Disaster Response for Humanity First, USA and the Course Director for Disaster Response Training (DRT). He is an avid supporter of global humanitarian efforts and has supported several agencies delivering humanitarian relief efforts, such as holding the position of HF EMT Medical Lead under the United Nations WHO/PAHO in the Bahamas for the victims of Hurricane Dorian. He has also assisted NGOs with efforts in South America, Guatemala, Africa, Sub-Indian Continent, Bosnia, Turkey, and Indonesia. Dr. Malik is the recipient of the 2020 Red Cross Heroes of the Year Award for Humanitarian Service in Disasters.
Dr. Malik has collaborated with hospitals and providers throughout the Chicagoland area by providing a public voice at numerous forums for underserved communities. He has devoted his career to the care of the most vulnerable patient populations and has introduced greater awareness within the healthcare community to exercise parity in the area of addiction, medication misuse and the current opioid crisis.